If you’re in the San Diego area and you love tequila, you’re in luck. National Tequila Day (7/24) is approaching quickly and we’ve compiled a list of the top places in San Diego places to visit when you need both a drink and a new Instagram picture. These bars are one-of-a-kind, so don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a delicious cocktail and capture the moment while you’re there.


Bang Bang
This San Diego hotspot definitely makes the list, perhaps solely because of the bathroom themed around everyone’s favorite heartthrob: Ryan Gosling! Bang Bang is an Asian fusion experience perfect for those looking to up their Instagram game. Not only is their food incredible, but in every corner you’ll find a different place for a photo opportunity. The drink list is highly lauded as well. Try the Seoul Bowl, a tequila-based cocktail served family style in a punch bowl.


The Grass Skirt
The Grass Skirt is a little tiki treasure, perfect for anyone craving an exotic cocktail. Be bold this National Tequila Day by throwing some mezcal (AKA tequila's favorite cousin) in the mix with Grass Skirt’s Oaxaxan Dead, a delicious (and maybe dangerous?) mix of mezcal, rum, fruit, and absinthe. This must-see bar even has a large tiki head fireplace, which is sure to set the mood for a night to remember.


Vin de Syrah
If you want to visit the plush drinking parlor of your dreams, look no further than Vin de Syrah. This San Diego lounge features botanical chandeliers, thick 50-year-old wine vines, a 12-foot natural wood candlelit tasting table, and semi-private, picturesque sitting rooms. Although it’s traditionally known in the area as a wine bar, you don’t want to sleep on their cocktail list - especially the El Diablo, featuring Cazadores Blanco tequila, jalapeno and chiles. Along with the tequila, you’ll find yourself sampling an array of cheeses and desserts for every palate.


Trailer Park After Dark
Another novel experience you can find in SD is Trailer Park After Dark. You and your closest friends can explore this blast from the past decorated with grocery carts, Christmas lights, and trailer trash galore. This is the bar where straight tequila shots always sound like a good idea. Just make sure you take some photos to remember your hilarious night.

These San Diego spots allow you to celebrate National Tequila Day in style. Sit back, get a drink, and enjoy the experience. These places and many more are part of what makes San Diego such an amazing city to explore. For more local inspiration, visit the Rayka app’s list of Most Instagrammable Bars in San Diego. Cheers!