What could be better in cold weather than a hot cup of frothy chocolate? I’ve put my Thermomix back to work after a little bit of a hiatus to create this decadent, delicious, naughty Hot Chocolate, using Chai flavours and Bailey’s Irish Cream. I’ve even given the old marshmallow a makeover.

I’m no expert at confectionary, but I can mash a recipe together and this Bailey’s Marshmallow recipe is a mix up of lots of different recipes. If you have a favourite, foolproof marshmallow recipe, I encourage you to use it, and just add the Bailey’s in with your liquid.


The Hot Chocolate base is made using a Chocolate Chai ganache, giving it a true Chocolate taste with a little hint of the exotic from the Chai spices. The ganache will keep in the fridge for about a month, if you don’t pour it all over your pancakes first!


Bailey’s Marshmallow

40gm Gelatine (powdered or 2 sheets) soaked in 70gm water.

90gm Boiling Water

400gm Caster Sugar

1/4 tsp cream of tartar

1 egg white

100 gms Bailey’s

Chai Chocolate Ganache

200gm block Milk Chocolate

120gm Cream

1 tblspn Chai powder

Bailey’s Chai Hot Chocolate

200gm Milk

Dash of Vanilla

1 shot Bailey’s

1 tblspn Chai Chocolate Ganache


Bailey’s Marshmallow

Soak gelatine in a small bowl with 70ml water for about 1 minute.

Add 90gm boiling water and stir until gelatine in dissolved.

To your TM bowl, insert butterfly and add sugar, egg white, cream of tartar, gelatine mix and Bailey’s.

Stir on speed 4, 10 minutes.

Pour into a greased pan and let set at room temperature for about 1 hour.

Turn marshmallow out and cut into small cubes, roll in icing sugar or cocoa.

Chai Chocolate Ganache

To a dry TM bowl, grate block of chocolate on speed 7 for 10 seconds. Set aside 1 tblspn for garnish.

Melt the chocolate on 80deg, speed 2 for 2mins.

Add Chai powder and cream and mix on 80deg, speed 2 for another 2 mins.

Pour into a small jug and set aside, do not clean the bowl.

Bailey’s Chai Hot Chocolate

Add milk, 1 tblspn ganache, 1 shot Bailey’s and a dash of vanilla to the TM bowl.

Mix on 80deg, speed 5 for 4 mins.

Pour into a mug and garnish with chocolate, ganache and marshmallows.


Now I know that’s a lot of steps, but the reward for your effort is this decadent, frothy, hot chocolate that melts all of your cares away and warms you up the old fashioned way. I’m referring of course to liquor.

Stay Classy

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