South Manhattan cocktail | Sartorial Exposure


I love this time of year, the temperature is a bit more bearable here in the Deep South and the cocktails move from light and airy to strong cocktails with a bit more substance for the colder weather. It’s also a time when the beer in my pint glass moves from Belgian wits and hefeweizens to deep dark stouts. Moonshine is pretty hot right now, however DBA Barbecue here in Atlanta has been a fan of the clear stuff since day one. I had a chance to chat with him recently, and although I’m not big on a flavored whiskeys it works in this take of the traditional rye and vermouth fare we know and love.

South Manhattan cocktail | Sartorial Exposure


This particular cocktail contains Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon out of North Carolina. If you can’t find this particular label in your area, feel free to substitute, but please use a whiskey that includes real fruit. I’m not a fan of flavored spirits that are clear and made with artificial flavors. If you decide to infuse it yourself, more power to you! Look for more cocktails from DBA on the blog soon. Don’t miss the recipe below!

South Manhattan cocktail | Sartorial Exposure


South Manhattan Cocktail 

1.25 ounces Midnight Moon apple pie moonshine

1.25 ounces Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon

Dash Barkeep Apple bitters

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with cherry