sotol cocktail bottle

Last week, I mentioned that I tried a new-to-me spirit, sotol. Bars and liquor stores are overflowing with tequila, distilled from the agave plant. Sotol is distilled from a plant of the same  name, and is harvested in the desert in Northern Mexico.

sotol cocktail bottle pour


The brand of sotol that I encountered last week, from Hacienda de Chihuahua and can be found in the states is wild and natural and is certified organic, and is kosher to boot.

no mames sotol cocktail-4

The cocktail I’ve got for you is great, and although there is a flood of flavored spirits on the market, all you need to infuse fruit into your favorite libation. It combines the smooth flavors or the sotol bianco and the coolness of cucumber. If you can’t find sotol, you can give it a try with tequila. I happen to think that’s a great end of summer treat. Big thanks to the folks at Red Pepper Taqueria in Atlanta for the recipe. Enjoy!


No Mames


2 oz Hacienda de Chihuahua sotol blanco


1 oz simple syrup


1 oz squeezed lime juice


3/4 oz St. Germain


basil leaves


english cucumber

Muddle 2-3 slices cucumber, 3-4 basil leaves and simple syrup. Add remaining ingredients, shake and double strain. Serve over ice in a salt rimmed collins glass.


no mames sotol cocktail-2