Valentines Day offers new romantic cocktails to celebrate each course of your Valentine’s Day meal!

First, The Soloist is a champagne cocktail to be served as a “welcome drink” for your evening or with the appetizer.

The Boulevard follows with flavors that will be friendly to main courses such a steak, chicken, seafood etc.

And for your dessert, a chocolate treat with The Spartan Moon!

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The Soloist

created by Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison

Valentine's Day Champagne Cocktail

1 oz.Rothman & Winter Crème de Violette
3 Dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters
Fill with champagne in flute

Express orange

The Boulevard

created by Lynn House, Chief Mixologist at Blackbird, Chicago

Red Martini

1 oz. Four Roses Yellow Label
1 oz. Aperol
.5 oz.Crème de cassis
.5 oz. Lemon Juice

Stir on ice, double strain and serve with lemon twist into a martini glass

The Spartan Moon

created by Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison

Chocolate Cream Martini

1.25 oz.Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
1.25 oz. ChocoVine Original

Quickly shake as to not dilute too much with ice/water. Strain into martini glass.

Garnish with chocolate sprinkles and express with orange.


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