Mr. Popularity

Alex Gabriel Mendoza, Bar Sardine, New York, NY

“I wanted to make a fun variation on a Singapore Sling. From top to bottom, the gin to the Ancho Reyes to the silly straw. This drink is serious… without being too serious.”

2 oz (60 ml) Tanqueray London Dry Gin

1.5 oz (45 ml) pineapple juice

.5 oz (15 ml) fresh lime juice

2 barpoons Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur

1 barspoon PAMA

2 dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Orinoco bitters

Peychaud’s Bitters, as garnish

Shake over ice, and strain into a pint glass over crushed ice. Add the garnish and a silly straw.

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