The Gin Tasting results, this is the conclusion of our ustream live tasting complete with scoring rank and all the goodies that go along with it. While there are many ranks of gin all compared in a blind tasting (so brand doesn’t impact our decision), each one of the judges (Curtis, Derrick and Jennifer) may have their own favorites. However, because each judges score plays into the role of the final results, a mid-ranking gin is still notnecessarilya poor gin–it just didn’t rank well as anaggregatenumber.

There are many gins on here I love to utilize, such as G’Vine Floraison and Greenhook Ginsmiths even if they didn’t hit our top-5 results. Overall, we believe the tasting went well considering Derrick’s votes where high on many of his impressions of the gins while Curtis tended to be on the lower scale in his decisions and Jennifer fell right in the middle on her impression.

Gin Taste Rank With Brands (some brands tied and are on a single line):

  1. Ethereal Gin
  2. New Amsterdam Gin
  3. Hendrick’s Gintied with St. George Dry Rye
  4. Martin Miller
  5. Knockabout Gin
  6. Blue Coat Gintied with Old Rajtied with Greylock Gin
  7. G’vine Nouasontied with No. 209
  8. Cold River Gin
  9. Wire Works Gin
  10. Greenhook Ginsmithstied with Blade Gin
  11. Square One Botanical (Liqueur – not a gin) tied with Tanqueraytied with Beefeater
  12. Biercee Gin
  13. Oxley Gintied with Bulldog Gin
  14. Bombay Gintied with Roundhouse Gin
  15. Gin Mare
  16. Standing Guard Gin tied with Plymouth Gin
  17. G’Vine Floraison