Cool Down With Some Ama-ZING Refreshments

The last thing you want to do in this heat wave is is expend too much energy, so we've got the perfect simple recipes to cool you down and help you forget that it's 99999 degrees outside. Grab a bottle of ZING Vodka or indulge in ZING Red Velvet and shake up a Red Velvet Shortcake or a Refresh-ZING cocktail. With notes of cherry, vanilla and cocoa in the ZING Red Velvet, your guests will be stunned (or clueless) that you only used 3 additional ingredients!

Red Velvet Shortcake
1.5 oz Zing Red Velvet
2 oz Cream Soda
Splash lemon juice
Method: Muddle 2 fresh strawberries, combine all ingredients but soda, shake and strain over fresh ice
Garnish : With a half strawberry
Glass: Low or highball on rocks

1.5 oz ZING Vodka
5 cucumber chunks (approx 1 oz. juice)
1 basil leaf
Splash of lime juice
Garnish: cucumber
Method: Muddle cucumber and basil.
Add remaining ingredients and shake. Serve up.