by Jordan Catapano

Cupid's Arrow

Treat your loved one to a Cupid’s Arrow ice cream cocktail with this outstanding dessert drink. It will make his or her heart flutter and sweet tooth rejoice with every single taste. Present it with a spoon in a bowl or in a tall glass like a traditional serving of ice cream, or add the ingredients to a blender for a Valentine’s Day shake. Think of this cocktail as your very own homemade love potion.

Cupid’s Arrow
¾ ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream
¾ Hiram Walker butterscotch schnapps
¾ Amaretto di Saronno
2 scoops ice cream
Chocolate shavings (optional)

Directions: Scoop two heaps of your favorite ice cream into a wine glass or highball. Pour in the Bailey’s, butterscotch, and Amaretto di Saronno and dust the top with shaved chocolate. Serve with a spoon or straw and lots of love.