I’m toasting the “Multiball”, a new box from one of the puzzle world’s most unique characters, with a fitting tribute. The name of this cocktail is irresistible, so naturally there are quite a few versions available out there. A good name is hard to hold onto in the drinks world, and is seldom trademarked or copyrighted. The best someone can hope is for their drink to become so famous that no one would think to use the name again, something that doesn’t happen very often. I’ve chosen to use the recipe offered by Melissa Yard, Georgia native and current bar manager at Josephine Wine Bar in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a well known mixologist and sommelier in Atlanta and now Charleston, and her drink was featured in Imbibe magazine, one of the Industry’s most popular magazines and a common source of inspiration for me.


Yard’s cocktail features the smoky allure of mezcal, one of the most complex and interesting spirits with countless regional varieties to explore. She adds a delicious mix of pineapple, ginger and spice, which sets this drink apart from your every day margarita. In the original recipe she uses a spicy pineapple jalapeño syrup and separate ginger syrup. I often try to simplify my cocktails a bit, so for example here I made a single pineapple and ginger syrup, and added the spice with some habanero bitters. (Maybe you don’t think that is simplifying things and you may be right.) The egg white adds texture and fluff, and is an essential ingredient for some in a truly proper sour. The resulting cocktail is something special, full of mystery and perfect to accompany a tricky puzzle. Here’s to finding the proper balance, in everything we pursue. Cheers!

Smoke and Mirrors by Melissa Yard

1½ oz mezcal

½ oz orange liqueur

1 oz fresh lime juice

½ oz ginger syrup

½ oz pineapple jalapeño syrup

1 fresh egg white (pasteurized, if you like)

Garnish: cayenne mix (1:1:1 sugar to salt to cayenne)

Dry shake all the ingredients together without ice to combine. Add ice, shake again to chill, then strain into a chilled glass. Garnish.


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