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Launching off from the last post where we boarded Kasho’s rocket ship and blasted off into space with the X-15 “rocktail”, we now find ourselves floating amidst the stars and planets of the cosmos. Our story picks up where we left off last time, enjoying the surprisingly light and refreshing X-15 cocktail named in honor of that innovative, ground breaking rocket plane. In 1967 the rocket suffered a fateful crash, and J. “Popo” Galsini, the cocktail creator decided to rename it to what it is better known as today, the “Saturn” cocktail. Which brings us to the Finer Points of Bad Behavior, a modern recreation of the classic Saturn cocktail with some fancy upgrades created by Gregg Jackson and Thor Messer from Merchant in Madison, Wisconsin. Recall that the Saturn (aka X-15) is a combination of gin, orgeat, passion fruit syrup, falernum and lemon juice (see the last post for the recipe). In the Finer Points, the gin is supercharged by using “navy strength” (higher proof) gin, as well as Jamaican rum and an agricole rhum! The passion fruit syrup becomes a honey-passionfruit puree, and the orgeat which is typically almond based becomes a homemade pistachio version. Why would anyone want to go to all that trouble? Because the Finer Points is really, really good. It truly compliments the drink that inspired it, while adding flavorful complexity and making it a uniquely delicious experience. Here’s a toast to this incredible Saturn reboot which shows us the finer points of bad behavior. It’s seen here with a planetary puzzle by Japanese artist Hideki Kawashima for an extra special, interstellar pairing.


To those who travel far beyond the sky

Who fail to notice what is out of reach

While going faster, further, farther, high

Above the limit of impossible they breach

I raise my glass to those with minds evolved

To see life’s puzzles waiting to be solved.



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