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Just a couple days before recording this episode of the podcast, I did not know that in less than a week I’d be traveling to Mexico as a guest of Patron Tequilla! I’ll be staying at the Patron Hacienda where the Tequilla is produced. I’ve spoken to other people who have taken this trip and every one of them raves about the experience.

I’ll have the portable audio recording gear and will be bringing you adventures from Mexico and Patron Hacienda.

There is a lot coming up for you on the podcast – we’ll be talking with the Master Distiller of Jack Daniels Jeff Arnet, Sam Ross of Milk and Honey Fame, a really interesting and smart gentleman named George Bressler, we’ll talk to the Brand Ambassadors from Monkey Shoulder, Drambuie and Black Bottle Scotch, plus author and bartender Lou Bustamante.
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Book Of The Week:
Distilled Knowledge: The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions, by Brian Hoefling.

Cocktail Of The Week: Procedure: Add the Tequila ,syrup and salt to a highball glass. Stir well to combine.Fill with ice.Top with Seltzer and stir again.
Squeeze the juice from ¼ lime into the glass and add the lime to the drink.

Toast Of The Week:
Until we meet again – wishing you celebrations, learning and good spirits.

A virtual tour of Patron Hacienda: