Remember in grade school when you were taught how to make stencils. Usually it involved paper, scissors and some paint, but we can’t use paper and paint in cocktails! What we’re going to take a look at this week is how to make your own cocktail stencils using some to go food container lids (paper) and bitters (paint)!

Let’s get crafty!

How to make your own cocktail stencils:

1. Choose the picture that you want to add to the top of your egg white cocktail. Make sure that you pick something that does not have a lot of detail or too small, and print it out on a regular piece of paper.

2. Place your printed picture below your plastic container lid and secure it with some tape. Cut through the top of the plastic lid, following the lines of the image as your guide.

3. Remove the tape and the paper, and clean up any rough cuts. Give your new stencil a good wash with soap and water.

4. Place the stencil as close to the top of your egg white cocktail as possible and spray your bitters through the stencil, transferring the image to the top of your drink.

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