DCC Spanish G&T

While the Dutch and the British debate who makes a better G&T, we know in our hearts (and in our taste buds) it is the Spanish who have mastered the art, as evidenced in this version of the Spanish G&T.

Not only is this version of a G&T unique, it's also incredibly easy to recreate thanks to Dollar Cocktail Club. Their DIY cocktail kits have stormed onto the scene recently and this recipe is sure to please even the most discerning G&T aficionado.

This recipe calls for:

- One long stemmed glass filled with ice

- 2oz of Broker's London Dry Gin

- 3oz of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

- 2 Dashes of Dollar Cocktail Club Bitters (Aromatic & Orange Blend)

- 1 Pack of DCC Freeze Dried Fruit & Botanical Garnish mix


1. Fill Glass with ice and add DCC Freeze Dried Fruit & Botanical Garnish mix

2. Add Gin and Top with Tonic

3. Add 2 dashes of DCC Bitters

4. Lightly stir and enjoy

Last, enjoy this one a little more because this time YOU crafted your own G&T.