You walk into a bar, stroll up to the counter and spot the person of your dreams sipping on a drink. What beverage do you imagine them drinking?


To better explore this question, Budweiser launched the Budweiser "First Impressions" National Survey ~ a fascinating survey of 2K Americans (ages 21+) that asked respondents to match common bar drinks (beer, wine, champagne, cosmopolitan, margarita, and gin and tonic) with perceived personality traits from the Five Factor Model (agreeable, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to experience).

Is it really true that Budweiser drinkers seem more confident and wine drinkers seem more cautious?

BUDWEISER "First Impressions" National Survey


*Personality Trait #1: Approachable and Genuine

Drink Choice: Domestic Beer (such as Budweiser)

Nickname: Mr./Ms. Easy Going

Both women (70%) and men who drink domestic beer are perceived as more approachable. Imported beer also has a positive approachability effect on both women (36%) and men (29%) but not nearly as strong as a domestic beer such as Budweiser.


*Personality Trait #2: Serious and Reserved

Drink Choice: Wine

Nickname: Mr./Ms. Focused

52% of respondents perceive a man drinking wine as more "serious and reserved," while 31% believe the same thing for women. Gin and tonic drinkers come in second place for this personality trait, at 23% (men) and 22% (women).


*Personality Trait #3: Flashy and Fashionable
Drink Choice: Cosmopolitan
Nickname: Mr./Ms. Trendy

48% of respondents believe a woman drinking a cosmo is "flashy and fashionable," while 40% agree the same applies to a man. No other drink choice scores high on this personality trait.


*Personality Trait #4: Energetic and Outgoing
Drink Choice: Margarita
Nickname: Mr./Ms. Free Spirit

Both women (50%) and men (41%) drinking margaritas seem more "energetic and outgoing." Domestic beer (like Budweiser) drinkers are also perceived as energetic and outgoing (29% for women and 27% for men) although to a lesser degree.


*Personality Trait #5: Analytical and Calculating
Drink Choice: Gin and tonic
Nickname: Mr./Ms. Practical

30% of respondents believe a man drinking a gin and tonic seems more "analytical and calculating," while 22% believe the same thing for women. Gin and tonic drinkers also rank high for being "cautious and conventional" (20% for men and 17% for women.)


*Personality Trait: Sophisticated and Demanding
Drink Choice: Champagne
Nickname: Mr./Ms. Fancy

The survey reports that champagne drinkers seem substantially more "sophisticated and demanding" (57% for women and 41% for men). Wine drinkers also score high on this trait (29% for men and 25% for women.)

So, what's your drink of choice?