LOCALLY PRODUCED honey, "medronho", water and secret herbs from the Algarve’s hills are the ingredients for one of the most prestigious Portuguese liqueurs made in the Algarve, DOM CRISTINA.

Oliveiros Cristina created this unique liqueur 61 years ago, after observing countryside inhabitants drinking a mixture of medronho (or arbutus fruit) brandy, lemon and honey during the winters as a cure for the common cold.

Dom Cristina liqueur is traditionally made from an ancient blend of honey and medronho brandy and flavoured with mountain herbs. The Algarve’s people, have grown to love its unique, rich taste.

61 years ago, Oliveiros Cristina was able to bring to a large scale market this liqueur while keeping all the original characteristics that inspired its creation.

To reach its great complexity, this rich, aromatic liqueur is aged in oak barrels that previously carried Porto Wine.

Althought new filtering and bottling methods have been introduced, the selection of the ingredients, namely the honey and the medronho brandy, and at the careful blending process, remain the secret to produce this top quality liqueur.

Dom Cristina’s original recipe and aging process have been scrupulously followed ever since it was first bottled.

For 61 year now, Dom Cristina has been produced by the same family, always devoted to the quality of their products.

Dom Cristina is a honey-flavoured wonder.

Give it a try.

Tasting Notes:

Reflective burnished golden colour. Intensive honey aromas, also meadowsweet, musk, linden flower, camomile and sweet wild herbs. Luscious and viscous in the mouth, the spirit lifts the mouth-coating texture giving an underlying firmness and touch of heat without burn. Lovely balance and superb length.”


Gold Medal:

San Francisco World Spirits Competition (U.S.A.)….2005 and 2008;

International Wine and Spirits Competition (U.K.)….2008 and 2015;

World Spirits Award (Austria)….2007;

The Spirits Business - Liqueurs Masters (U.K.)….2014;

Silver Medal Outstanding

International Wine and Spirits Competition (U.K.)….2016;

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"Honeysuckle rose" by Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie

5cl Johnny Walker Black Whisky

5cl Grapefruit citrus juice

2cl Dom Christina honey liqueur

3cl Pistachio honey

1cl rose water

Method: shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a lowball glass

Garnish: Pistachio Macaroon

"Workers and drones"

5cl Mandarin Napoleon

3cl Dom Christina liqueur

3cl lemon citrus juice

6 lemon verbena leafs

Method: Shake over ice all the ingredients and double strain into a cocktail glass

Garnish: dry Mandarin

Dom Christina available now in Copenhagen :