Did you know that one African elephant is currently lost every 15 minutes to poachers for their ivory tusks? The African elephant is on the brink of extinction and the latest wildlife census information puts the number of African elephants living in the wild at under 400,000. That number may seem like a lot, but consider that it is decreasing on a daily basis ~ the reality is unimaginable.

Amarula is taking a stand to fight the end of poaching of this beloved species and has recently launched a campaign called “Don’t Let Them Disappear” in order to give back and protect the African elephant. For every bottle of Amarula South African Cream Liqueur sold in the United States, $1.00 will be donated to the incredible non-profit organization, WildlifeDIRECT. These funds will help support their on-ground conservation efforts to help save the African elephant.

On World Elephant Day, Amarula and Wildlife DIRECT debuted this amazing campaign on New York City’s Union Square and the public was invited to witness a life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant melt in the summer heat. This symbolized the alarming rate at which the African elephant population is disappearing at the hands of poachers. See the video HERE.



Why Amarula and the African elephant?

Amarula has a long history with this magnificent species, and the relationship is both crucial and symbolic. Once a year, African elephants begin their journey to feast on the sun-ripened fruit of the Marula trees, which grow wild and free across the subequatorial plains of Africa. This signifies to local communities the fruit is ready to be hand-harvested and ultimately turned into Amarula, the delicious cream liqueur enjoyed all over the world.

“We’re honored to continue partnering with WildlifeDIRECT on this crucially important initiative,” states JC Iglesias, Vice President of Marketing at Terlato Distell Artisan Spirits. “African elephants could literally disappear from the wild during our lifetime. We hope our efforts will help spread global awareness on the poaching crisis and have a significant impact on WildlifeDIRECT’s work to protect this keystone species.”

About Amarula

Amarula is the orginal and only cream liqueur which uses real Marula fruit as its base spirit, harvested from Marula trees that grow wild and uncultivated in the subequatorial regions of Africa ~ the only place on the entire planet where they grow. The trees bear their fruit just once a year at the end of Africa’s summer which scent attracts the elephants from the surrounding areas to come feast on the fruit. The Marula fruit is then hand-harvested in the wild and the Marula “spirit” is distilled and matured in French oak barrels for at least two years, during which time characteristics of vanilla and caramel are naturally imparted. These flavors are further enhanced by the addition of cream to give Amarula its rich, velvety texture.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is not only the drink of the season for its rich, velvety flavor profile, but has demonstrated the “spirit” that keeps on giving ~ literally.