Who needs A&W to tell them when to imbibe a frosty cold root beer float? (Although, they do support the Wounded Warrior Project and that’s pretty awesome!) Well, regardless…August 6th is recognized as National Root Beer Float Day. To honor this majestic day I chose to make a Double Bourbon Root Beer Float. This ain’t your typical backyard kiddie party root beer float!

Let’s start with the bourbon. I suppose any bourbon would do, but ’round here, Buffalo Trace is my go-to bourbon. It’s made in Kentucky with lots of love and it has just the right amount of vanilla, oak and even a hint of orange. It’s delicious neat or in a cocktail.


The house bourbon for Stiff Drinks and Stilettos, Buffalo Trace

Next, it was time to decide on my root beer. Living in Los Angeles sometimes gives you too many options. I sent the hubby out for root beer and he came with a melange of root beer and root beer adjacent products. I chose to stick with traditional root beer, so that narrowed my selection down to four.

Buffalo Trace and a selection of root beer

Buffalo Trace and a selection of root beer

I went with the bottle to the far right, Bulldog Root Beer. They use real cane sugar instead of yucky corn syrup and pure vanilla extract. And who can resist those adorable mugs (Barley and Hops) on the label?


The final step is the ice cream. I used Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon (hence the double bourbon) Vanilla Ice Cream. I can’t even describe how AMAZING this stuff is. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it has visible vanilla bean….and bourbon! What’s better than that?

Steve's delicious Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

Steve’s delicious Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream


XX- Stiff Drinks & Stilettos

Boozy Root Beer Float with Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Double Bourbon Root Beer Float with Buffalo Trace Bourbon


Double Bourbon Root Beer Float

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Steve’s Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

Bulldog Root Beer



Pour one shot of bourbon in a glass, add two generous scoops of ice cream and top off with root beer. Watch out for the magical foam on top!