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The Japanese puzzle box artists known as the Karakuri Creation Group have expanded the possibilities of a secret opening box. One of their memorable creations is a box which literally needs to “shrink” in order to open. The idea of the shrinking space void which then opens is too reminiscent of worm holes, black holes and science fiction in general to be ignored. Let’s ponder these mysteries at an uber cool bar built for cocktail geeks known as Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn, New York. The brainy love child of Maks Pazuniak and Al Sotack, the layout was designed with the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars and the Blade Runner bar in mind. Here’s the “Negative Space” cocktail, sure to mess with your gravity. It’s a mix of floral French Suze aperitif, lemon juice, licorice and, of course, chocolate, wrapped up with a sparkle. It might cause you to go interstellar. Enjoy it as you watch the volume in your glass magically shrink. Cheers.


Negative Space by Maks Pazuniak, Jupiter Disco, Brooklyn

½ oz. Suze aperitif
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. crème de cacao
¼ oz. absinthe blanc
1 drop orange flower water
3 oz. chilled prosecco


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