Drink created in honor of my city of Sao Paulo, land of the drizzle and its night in Bohemia and to all the athletes of the dawn who lives carefree, that likes to leave the streets in search of celebrations.



  • 50ml of aged cachaça in the barrel of cumaru
  • 30ml of handmade lavender honey
  • 15ml of orange oil saccharum
  • 100ml of concentrated natural juice of smoked pineapple
  • 10ml reduction of white rapadura with orange liqueur.

Add all the ingredients in a shaker without ice, minus the reduction of rapadura, and stir slowly for 5 seconds. Chop in a long drink glass preheated with hot water, discard the boiling water, put a ice clean cube and over it turns out the reduction still hot

Garnish with a slice of dehydrated orange bay a pineapple thorn and dehydrated smoked lavender