Summer is very much around the corner and what is the quintessential way to celebrate? A Pina Colada of course! I always feel quite at ease when I sip one, but usually, I have someone else make my cocktail. Pina Coladas are a lot of work, I’m going to lifehack it for you you.


Easy Breezy Pina Colada

3.0 oz Coconut Cartel Rum

2.0 oz Pineapple Juice

2.0 oz Coco Lopez

Cup of crush ice


Without a blender, I mixed and shook this recipe and poured into a glass without straining. The best part was the crush ice came from the refrigerator.


I made this bad boy with the new Coconut Cartel combines rum aged in Guatemala. It’s very smooth made with coconut water. I made this drink with a few other rums and enjoyed this the most.

Enjoy babes xo.

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