G&T's are a traditional favorite across the US. So why not add a new dimension to your G&T with a touch of St Germaine and lemon. St Germaine is a French elderflower liqueur which contains up to 1,000 elderflower blossoms per bottle. The soft flavor of elderflower adds a new captivating element to a traditional G&T and you may find this just becomes your new favorite way to enjoy this drink.



  • Pre-rim half the glass with Snowy River Jewels cocktail salt using lemon/lime or egg white (for a thicker rim) as the binding agent.
  • Fill glass with ice to chill.
  • Add Gin, St.Germaine, Lemon and Tonic to a shaker with ice.
  • Stir and pour over ice.
  • Extra Decorating: Add a smidgen of Snowy River gold cocktail glitter, stir and serve.

Enjoy! Always drink responsibly.