The IRMO Box from American artist Eric Fuller contains a unique and mysterious mechanism inside which relies on a fundamental force of nature to open. For no particular reason (that I’m willing to admit!) I decided to pair this marvelous mystery box with a classic cocktail found in the original Savoy Cocktail Book, which has been called the “coolest book in the world”. It was penned by famed bartender Harry Cradock, who developed his cocktail skills in America. He returned to his London home in the 1930’s during Prohibition and set up shop as head barman of the swanky style emporium, The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel. His cocktail book was his one and only compendium of all things Art Deco and the amazing drinks of the day, many of which he was credited for inventing. The American Bar remains the oldest running bar in London today and continues to garner acclaim, being recently named “Best Bar in the World”, again. Once cool cocktail from the original cool cocktail bar for this award winningly cool cryptic container, coming right up. Cheers!


Newton’s Special from the Savoy Cocktail Book c. 1930

1 ½ oz Brandy

½ oz Cointreau

2 dashes Angostura Bitters


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