DrinkWire is Liquor.com’s showcase for the best articles, recipes and reviews from the web’s top writers and bloggers. In this post, Cocktailogic offers a tiki cocktail.

I’m not afraid to take it to the next level always and every single time. Good enough is not great enough. Practicality and creative originality is my mantra and the way I design. All I can say is Phewww as designing this cocktail took a lot of planning outside of the cocktail as well as inside of it, so luckily I enjoy what I do. I wanted to design something special and unique for the tiki world as I don’t usually see a lot of new recipes which for the most part are conceptually original that often. This is called “Escape from the dead” Made with Rhum ReimonenQ white rhum agricole (cinnamon infused), El Tesoro Tequila blanco, Plantation ovenproof O.F.T.D, Creme de mure blackberry liqueur, China China French style amer, Coco Lopez creme de coconut, House made orgeat almond syrup, and fresh lime juice. I’ll allow the garnish to speak for itself, hope you folks like it. Cheers 👍🥂



  • 1oz Rhum ReimonenQ white rhum agricole
  • 1oz El Tesoro tequila silver
  • 1/2oz Plantation overproof O.F.T.D
  • 1/2oz Orgeat almond syrup (House-made)
  • 1/2oz China China French style amer (bitter liqueur)
  • 1/2oz Creme de Mure
  • 1/2oz Creme de Coconut
  • 3/4oz Fresh lime juice (as opposed to un-fresh)

Prep: Shake all well with ice and strain into tiki mug. Add crushed ice and garnish with something daring