If you're anything like me and consistently lose your socks to the washer machine, then you know the struggle of never having enough socks to wear. Also if you're anything like me and have a high appreciation for vodka, then you've probably heard of the one and only Tito's Handmade Vodka before. Combine the two together and you now have Tito's socks, in which they've paired up with Sock Club in order to produce. Here's everything that you need to know.

Retailing for $20 a pair, Tito's and Sock Club have released three pairs of socks, which are labeled as the 'Mixology Sock' (which are available now through Valentine's Day online), the 'Cocktail Sock' (which will be available starting on Valentine's Day), and the 'Stardust Sock' (which is already sold out online). All of the socks are designed in Austin, Texas and are manufactured in North Carolina. The best part is, all of the proceeds from the socks will go to Tito's nonprofit partners; so not only are you doing a good cause for your feet by providing them with proper people socks, but you're also giving back to society. Score.