Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. An old saying which means, of course, appreciate what you were given, don’t be rude, be polite, say thank you. I was recently given a beautiful limited edition puzzle box, and I should be grateful, right? But you see, this box is dangerous, and its designer has a wicked sense of humor. You have to be brave to attempt the “Viper”. Bravery rewards you and eventually, after losing a few fingers, you might even manage to open this dangerously clever puzzle box. You probably could use a drink, and possibly a transfusion. I took some inspiration for this toast from a classic concoction called the Snakebite, which you may know is half lager, half hard cider. Go ahead and pour yourself one of those while I get some bandages. There’s also a lesser known Snakebite combination of honey whiskey plus Rose’s lime cordial which is served as a shot in finer establishments. I turned that into a bona fide cocktail, using bourbon and honey-lime cordial. I added a splash of blood orange juice for good measure. I call it, the Viper. It’s dangerously delicious. Here’s to clever bastards, crafty craftsmen, dangerous delights, and bloody good gifts. Cheers!


The Viper

2 oz bourbon

¾ oz honey-lime cordial

¾ oz fresh lime juice

Splash of blood orange juice

2-3 drops Bittermen's Habanero Hellfire Shrub

Orange peel viper garnish

Shake ingredients together with ice and strain into a favorite glass. Twirl the viper around the glass and hang the head over the side. Blood (orange) drops for extra gruesome effect.


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