Imagine that really bad hire, the one refusing to pick up their game, is consistently late, sloppy, unhygienic and worst of all doesn’t care about waste or your business!

For most managers the decision is an easy one…fire the “ass” out of that guy!

Ok, we mostly agree that that’s the solution for a human being, so should it be different with bar tools guilty of the same transgressions as a really bad hire?

Many believe so, as anything that can potentially reduce quality, efficiency, consistency, speed, accuracy and profitability cannot be good for business!

One industry stalwart routinely re-buying generic speed pourers says: “I wouldn’t keep a bartender that fails regularly…so why wouldn’t l get rid of speed pourers for doing the same thing!”

A trade tool that occasionally fails, is bad luck, however when bad luck happens weekly and monthly then its time for management to step in!

Any failure to perform is bad for business potentially impacting, morale, quality and ultimately the guest experience.

If you’re continuously replacing your speed pourers maybe it’s time to fire the ASS out of them!