In a holiday roundup of products for drinkers we wrote last year, we included a novel new flask called the iFlask. The product is, as the name implies, a flask disguised as an iPhone. Well, the makers of the iFlask, Dan Novaes and Ethan Hou, decided you should be able to sneak more booze into (insert activity where booze is off-limits here), so they recently came up with the StashPad.


(image courtesy Weku Group LLC)

And, again, as the name implies they stayed with the faux-Apple-product identity but now offer much, much more in the way of storage by hiding it in a flask that looks and feels more like a tablet device.

The original iFlask, which sold over 75,000 units according to its creators, holds about 5 ounces of liquid.

That apparently wasn't enough for some.

According to Ethan, "A lot of our customers loved the iFlask, but wished it held more booze."

Well now it does, sort of. The StashPad holds 12 ounces of "your favorite spirit" and, as a kicker, up to 4 "cigarillos" in a secret compartment.


(image courtesy Weku Group LLC)

The product isn't yet on sale. Instead, to fund its production Dan and Ethan have set up a Kickstarter page where any fraternity member with the money can easily preorder their newer, bigger flasks just in time for Christmas (the products will ship December, 2015).

Look for the StashPad to be in a lot of holiday roundups this year.