Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel Review

This Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel was their March 4th 2016 selection and I’m just now opening. So yes, this specific one is not available at the moment, but if you like the sound of it they have an OESQ single barrel which they currently show a couple bottles of being available. So while it’s not exactly the same… it’s something.

In K&L’s Words: Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel

“The latest cask of OBSQ marks one of the last of our Jim Rutledge picks and it’s the fruitiest of the bunch. Soft banana and tropical notes coat the entry, dusted with wood shavings and peppery notes. At no point does this whiskey ever feel like its 114.2 proof.
It’s lithe and light on its feet, finishing with clean flavors of vanilla and oak, never once packing the richness or the power that the alcohol percentage might suggest. It would make a fantastic rocks bourbon or a perfect Manhattan mixer due to its pure whiskey flavor but lack of cloying sweetness or big wood richness. It’s a finesse bourbon through and through, but with plenty of fruit and flavor to back it up. Lovely stuff.”

Before we get into the Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel review, if you’re wondering what the difference between the OBSQ and OESQ are it’s the amount of rye in the mashbill. OBS whiskeys have a mashbill of 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley and the OES whiskeys have a mashbill of 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% malted barley. The Q relates to the yeast strain of which Four Roses has five.

Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Four Roses
Mashbill: 60% Corn, 35% Rye and 5% Malted Barley
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 8 years 11 months
ABV: 57.1%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Warehouse: LE
Barrel: 36-2C

Price: $65

Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel Review

Dark caramel

Oak, caramel, spice, vanilla, floral, dark fruit and an herbal nature with bits of roasted corn.

Oak, spice, vanilla, olde candy, herbal, char, dark fruit and a bit of roasted grain.

Long -> Vanilla, char, oak and caramel.

Good sense of balance, full body and a rich oily feel.

This Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel is pretty darn good. It’s rustic with a nice bit of balancing sweetness and a dynamic bit of herbal and floral characteristics; the aroma is particularly pleasant. The added floral notes give the aroma a nice little pop that bump it up a bit and turn it from something good to something very interesting.

This was a good pick from the K&L guys and the longer this bottle stays open the more I’m liking it and I’ve noticed a slight musty character and a bit of caramel corn coming through as it opens up in the bottle. The Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel is a solid pick and a solid dram.

SCORE: 87/100 (B+)

Four Roses OBSQ K&L Single Barrel Label

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