Frankly Wines in Tribeca is featuring Gin, all month long! The inspiration stems from a friend mentioning #ginuary in his message chain on Facebook. It seems Gin-uary plots ways to strike back at the idea of the January detox. Christy Frank, founder of Frankly, may not of come up with the idea for this delicious winter distraction, but, she has taken the concept and ran with it. In fact, all of the staff pitched in to launch this, including Danielle Rosenberg (bathtub gin beauty), and spirits enthusiast Jenny Hong, who snapped the saucy picture above.

Coming up with a list of gin drinks was a welcome distraction from the bubble-crazed last few days of 2014, and what better way than to pair a selection of over 10 different tipples with 31 individual Gin based cocktails.

Recipe cards, helpful tips on crafting your own syrups and a number of tastings are planned to chase away the winter doldrums

Check out Frankly's list of gin cocktail recipes online.

Or join in the fun and stop in to one of the many scheduled tastings! Find schedule online at