Going through Email and things, I think we have some interesting stuff going on...

I find that the Huffington Post has great articles about rum -- If you are interested here are a few to select from:
Sipping Rum
Dark Rum
Rum Drinks

There's more poking around to enjoy.
Speaking of "other" Rum rich information -- Don't forget to download "Got Rum?" another good source of Rum News of all sorts..

At American Made Rum we find:
April 30 at 9:57am ·
Setting the new copper still in place, first batch will be a Carolina Apple brandy


 (Really, it's a wonder they get anything Distilled...RTRR)

Contributor+smll.jpg We have this bit of news -- making this Illinoisian very happy!
April 29 at 10:00pm ·
Barrel House Products are now available in KY (RNDC), IN (Glazer's), IL(Maverick Wine & Spirits), AR (GLidewell), MD (RNDC), DC (RNDC), IA (State ABC), TN (Greater Nashville-Boondocks) and coming soon to GA. Ask for them at your retailer or favorite bar!

Things are happening -- Stay Tuned!