If you're anything like myself and live on social media instead of actually living life, then at some point or another, you've probably stumbled across the Instagram account that we all know and love as F*ckJerry. Little do most of you know, but F*ckJerry has tequila for the modern day drinker to consume all while laughing about that time where you nearly died from drinking too much. On that note, here's what you need to know about F*ckJerry's JAJA Tequila.


Photo courtesy of FuckJerry

In short, FuckJerry's JAJA Tequila is a tripled distilled, gluten-free spirit child that's produced by the Tebele brothers known as Elliot and Maurice in conjunction with childhood friend Martin Hoffstein and is made of 100% Pure Blue Weber Agave out of Jalisco, México. FuckJerry's JAJA Tequila solely utilizes natural ingredients, allowing for the tequila itself to enter the tequila world via sustainable sourcing, the bottles refreshing colors, and a built in give-back program which ultimately benefits local Mexican community partnerships along with a unique social-media driven approach. As a result of this, F*ckJerry has released two different versions of JAJA Tequila known as Blanco (retails for $39.95) and Reposado (retails for $49.95). Both bottles have a 40% ABV. The two differ from one another in the sense that 'Blanco' has pepper notes with a sweet and herbal taste to it, while 'Reposado' is rested for six months in fine oak barrels and has notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak.

With the term 'JAJA' translating into 'Ha Ha', the only thing that we'll be laughing at would be ourselves when we're on the floor from allowing ourselves to get too drunk... again. Another thing to keep in mind is that FuckJerry's JAJA Tequila is the second consumer product that FuckJerry has blessed the world with, aside from the popular card game, What Do You Meme? But honestly though... what do you meme that you're not pausing this article for the sake of JAJA Tequila bottles worldwide? Anyway, if this tequila is something that's of interest to yo, JAJA is available at select retailers nationwide distributed through Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits and online through Drizly.com and TotalWine.com.