So, I was cruising around on facebook and I saw a post on the Fuenteseca page about them being mentioned in Fortune Magazine.
I had written about Fuenteseca Tequila when the first releases came out, here . . . and I haven't had a chance to try the 21 year so I was excited to read about it.
Tracking down the article was difficult (it's not online yet), but I found it. Not a lot of info so I went hunting elsewhere and here are some things I found:

Very detailed info on each expression at th e Haas Brothers website.

And speaking of EACH EXPRESSION check out this restaurant El Camin o in Delray Florida!
That is awesome! You can try all of them, in one flight, for $200. Each one with a detailed write-up. I wish I was near Delray Florida!

I found a couple other articles, one here at Drink Me . . ., another at The Robb report written by my friend Nicolas Palazzi good reading for sure.

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