Happy Fuzzy Friday! Feeling the feels of fall, yet dealing with warm temps in Oklahoma. So I pulled together a classic “manly” combination of flavors, bourbon, and coke, and threw in a twist of fall flavors with orange and cranberry. The result? A fall bourbon cocktail that’s kinda sexy. I’m calling this a fall bourbon mixer.

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Fall Bourbon Mixer

Fall Bourbon Mixer

  • Bourbon
  • Coke
  • Cranberry juice
  • Orange slice for garnish

Put ice in a glass. Add 1/3 bourbon, 1/3 cranberry juice, 1/3 Coke. Squeeze an orange in it and / or garnish with an orange slice.

Tweak how strong you want it, but the flavors of the orange juice and cranberry juice combined give it a sense of fall. It’s warm, sweet, tart and can be as strong as you like it. And… it’s SO good!

Can you believe November is here already? I still feel like summer was last weekend!

What are you toasting to this weekend? Happy FuzzyFriday to you!





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