Something’s in the water. Is it just me or have you noticed a baby boom with the millennials? Everywhere I turn, this generation is having babies. So I thought it would be fun to let all you pregos join in on the #FuzzyFriday fun but transforming some of my cocktails into “mocktails”.

So let’s begin! I pulled some of my recent favorites and shared very simply how to make the change.

1. For a super refreshing light drink, simply eliminate the vodka in the Club Special Twist.


2. Banana Split Martini is something you can enjoy with your kids! HA! Simply substitute pureed banana for the banana liquor and use coffee in place of Kahlua.


3. Sangria Cubes are one of the most fun “cocktails” I’ve shared on FuzzyFriday. Substitute white grape juice in place of wine and you have your fruit bombs!


4. Omit the rum and enjoy your Virgin Strawberry Pom Mojitos.


5. The Sparkling Pineapple was ALREADY a mocktail! (wink!) I just added a bit of the buzz to it on its post!


6. The Lemon Berry Fizz can be changed by substituting lemonade and sparkling cider for the Limoncello and champagne.


7. It’s not quite the same, I know, but substitute sprite for the champagne in the Lady Grace. It still has the carbonation to give a little bit of a “bubbly” feel!


8. Omit the vodka for the Spring Forward and you’ll have a beautiful fancy fruity concoction!

So just to clarify, for those of my newbie friends, I began #FuzzyFriday as a way to share coctail recipies, as a way to celebrate WINS. Wins in our businesses, wins in our personal development and growth, wins in our life! It’s important to celebrate YOU! So while the cocktails are always SO fun, it’s the meaning behind it that’s everything.

Side note with cocktails…. how does a fun Girls Night Out sound getting manis, pedis, drinking wine, or maybe a Birthday Cake Martini? That’s what’s going on NEXT THURSDAY! Oklahoma City friends, SAVE THE DATE!

I’m Co-hosting a #NailsAndCocktails event with Polished Nail Salon at Chisolm Creek. Here are all the details.


I hope I see you there! In the meantime, cheers to the weekend! We MADE it!


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