Life’s busy. Especially if we’re making the bird for Thanksgiving, right? I’m doing Thanksgiving this year. And guess what cocktail I’ll be serving? This.

It’s fall. Any kind of cobbler I think of fall. And the spices in it totally scream fall dessert and fall flavors. One of my friends tasted it and she said it tasted like Christmas!

This easy and super yummy recipe came from Chef. Yup. That’s what we call him. Chef. As simple as this recipe! Chef was at our Atlanta market this summer with Cork Pops (I’m linking to one of my favorite items… I’ll share why later!) and he created this drink for us there and I’ll just let you in on a little secret. Momma had more than one of these mini tini’s becuase they were yummmmmy. So yummy that I thought of all of you! I knew this would be something you’d enjoy because it’s so good, and because you don’t have to make anything complicated for your guests if you’re slaving in the kitchen. The libation should be a celebration!


Peach Cobbler Tini

  • 6 oz Deep Eddy Peach Vodka
  • splash simple syrup
  • dash allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Shake and serve.

Hard, huh?

I made one here to try it out for you.. just to be nice. (wink!)






Yup. It’s confirmed. It’s good!

So next week, make this drink. I’m sharing a few great picks from Cork Pops as well that I really loved and thought you would too, not only for you and your entertaining, but they’d make great gifts!

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Those stirrers I shared above through that link… So this is how they work. You put them in your freezer, then when you want to cool a drink, don’t use ice that can melt and water it down. Use these sticks instead! Here’s the best part of this deal… use them to COOL DOWN your hot items! So if you’re coffee is too hot? Your soup is too hot? Use a stir stick to cool it down! Genius huh?

One for me, one for you! ((((gift guide ideas!)))

Speaking of which, I’ll be sharing some gift guides very soon, so stay tuned!