Turn any drink into a fun fruity drink any time you want by having these ready to go on hand.

I made mine literally as I cook, the Greek way. No measurements. I threw what I had together and that was that! Call it Sangria for one? Why not! These are the bomb!


Weeks later….





Sangria Cubes

  • Crisp Red Wine
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Peaches
  • Sugar

In typical Greek style, I did not measure. I think I may have added a few tablespoons? Mix all of the above ingredients and let set for at least 6 hours in the refrigerator. Pour into freezer cubes halfway full. Once they’re done, pop them out and use immediately OR put them in Ziploc freezer bags and have ready to go when you need them.

I personally used whatever I had in the refrigerator, and that was left over Prosecco from a previous FuzzyFriday. Personally, I think the infusion of any wine with the fruits and sugar will make a yummy concoction once it’s all blended. I say throw in whatever wine you have. Even if it’s light!

Make it fun and make them in large balls, small balls, cubes, or whatever you want. This is where you do what you want with it according to how you think you’ll use them. I made a variety of sizes because I wanted a little of this and a little of that.

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Add this to your wine as an add of pop. It’s fun, it’s yummy and it looks fancy. These are so easy to make and have on hand in your freezer ready to go for unexpected company. Think how cute to pour your girls their glass of wine and pop one of those balls in there!

For me today, I’m trying to watch my sugar and carbs and honestly didn’t want all the alcohol. So I decided to add it to something unexpected; my Black Cherry Citrus Fresca. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Yes, you heard me right. Now… I have some unfortunate news as I’m typing this. It’s SOLD OUT. When will more be in stock? I don’t know yet but my radar is up and as soon as it is, I’ll post it on my Facebook page in neon lights!

But truly, you can add this to any soda I think, but of course the obvious, add it to your wine or even some Prosecco.

So what am I toasting to this week? Well, for us, summer is almost over. This is our last Friday of the kids out of school as they begin next Wednesday. I’m thankful I survived the whirlwind of a summer that I had and survived. I knew going into the summer that it was going to be more hectic than the school year, believe it or not! Isn’t that so crazy? It’s ok though because it was all good stuff. I can’t complain. And at this point, I’m happy I went through the chaos and I’m through to the other side. Let me toast to that!

What about you? What are you toasting to?


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