Nothing says holidays better than uniquely crafted cocktails. How else are you supposed to get through an overly crowded house full of family members and guests? Without alcohol, how else would your favorite uncle come up with those off-the-wall quotes that become an ongoing joke for the holidays to come?


Don't just get any ole' spirit this year...its' the holiday season after all! Treat yourself and your guests to the carefully crafted spirits below so that everyone can enjoy themselves. This holiday cocktail gift guide may just be a holiday life saver!


The Allaire Collection Privee super premium trio of vodka, rum and tequila are packaged in nautical themed crystal chalices that will make any cocktail taste better, while letting others now it's all about the luxury lifestyle. Produced with these deals, the trio of spirits are rooted in origins much like they consider themselves ~ held to the highest standards with the core foundation of Quality, Elegance and Uniqueness. If someone on your list has been extra good this yearm, gift them the full collection in a custom locking briefcase with 14K Gold Smith and Wesson handcuffs for a sweet price of $1000!


FOS Greek Mastiha
For the person who's been everywhere, FOS Greek Mastiha drives from the rare mastic tree, which grows only on the small Mediterranean island of Chios, Greece. The product has a full range of herbal tones and tree essence, which are pronounced when served chilled, neat, over ice or mixed with a variety of herbs or juices. Gift the gift that your friend who's been everywhere has likely neer tried. $31.99


El Consuelo Tequila
El Consuelo is perfect for those on an organic diet. Created with USDA certified blue weber agaves. Organic, Kosher and Gluten free, El Consuelo is produced in the village of Atotonilco el Alto and is made the way Tequila was meant to be made...chemical and additive free with the purest ingredients. Gift one or the full collection of Blanco, Repesado and Anejo at special holiday pricing $49 - $59 with $5 shipping for one bottle and free shipping for 2 or more bottles.


Peony Vodka
Inspired by the uncomplicated "country living" lifestyle, Three Meadow Spirits uses floral notes that resembles gin minus the sharp juniper taste. Peony is a vodka with a unique character that compliments classic cocktails while lending itself to experimentation. The bottle sells for $29.99 and comes with a gifted candle!


Nightshade is a premium ready-to-go drink that you can have on the rocks, neat or use to be the creative mixologist you are. Using only the finest ingredients, Nightshade Partners leave out the artificial sweeteners and processing. The spirit is carefully crafted with prosperity blend of true Blue Agave. Each bottle has a complimented taste of sweetness and/or natural fruit juices at $19.99 each. Margarita of the Month Club gets you 8 bottles delivered over 4 months for $197 and includes classic lime and a unique flavor every month.