Get the Most of Tales of the Cocktail

Hello from New Orleans! Chris spent the weekend at Tales of the Cocktail, arguably the industry’s largest event of the year. Here's a recap video with some recommendations for how to prioritize your visit, and his 6 tips & tricks to get the most out of the whirlwind event.

As promised, here’s the picture of all of the stuff we got. What’s crazy is that this wasn’t much compared to others – if we hadn’t gone to so many seminars you’d see (at least) twice as many hats!

Were you there? What did you think? Leave a comment for your ideas on how to maximize your time at a big event like Tales.

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Ryan at High Hat

A couple Restaurant Recommendations while you’re in NoLa:

  • We really enjoyed our dinner at Cafe Amelie. Eating in the garden courtyard on Sunday was a real treat!
  • I have to admit – I consumed far more than the Recommended Daily Intake of Beignets at the Cafe Beignet, just a few blocks from the Hotel Monteleone
  • Restaurant Stanley – we skipped the hotel’s continental breakfast for this treat. I’d recommend anything on the menu with the word “benedict” in it!
  • And the best for last – our top meal in New Orleans came to us by surprise as we wandered aimlessly north from the St. Charles trolley line. High Hat Cafe wins the prize with their fantastic food (my wife almost left me for the chicken fried steak) and phenomenal cocktail program. Ryan behind the bar has a “mad scientist” approach to homemade liqueurs and bitters – the best Orange Bitters I’ve ever had. Thanks Ryan and Chip for a delicious visit!