This is the 21st-century gin and tonic as it is served in out-sized wine glasses all over Spain. In Spain, they continued using the English name “Gin and Tonic”, without the “and” so it became popular as “Gin Tonic”

This Popular drink combination is known to be created by British army in India as a defense system against protozoal infection Malaria.

On paper, the gin and tonic appears like an easy drink. And in theory, it ought to be. folks order it with complete indifference. perhaps they like a lime wedge over a lemon (that’s associate yankee thing). Most people don’t have an opinion on quality of Tonic water to be honest.

In Spain, the easy mixed drink in Highball or Collins glass simply won’t cut it. Its bars are serving gin and tonics in out-sized wine glasses that look additional like classic Burgundy vessels which in my opinion look simply gorgeous and attractive.

I must say that the Spanish have actually taken gin-tonics to their hearts: “Even within the smallest bar within the smallest town, they’ll have anywhere between 20-30 different bottles of gin and 10-15 varieties of tonics,” No Kidding.

Gin and Tonic are indeed in a unbreakable beautiful relationship since 19th century which seem to becoming more interesting day by day.

I quickly would like to share two of my favorite variations to Gin and Tonic.

1 – Cucumber and Rosemary Gin-Tonic

2 – Orange, Mint and Lime Gin-Tonic