Global Jukebox

Paul Zuber, Bank & Bourbon, Philadelphia, PA, USA

“The starting point for my first drink was the desire to harness the refreshing properties of one of summer’s great joys, FRESH WATERMELON! As a counterpoint to the cooling fruit, my initial instinct was to use the bold and fiery ANCHO REYES ancho chile liqueur. I chose rum as a base spirit, opting for an aged rum with some barrel influence, and immediately thought to infuse it with some of those delicious, ripe black cherries that I have recently been enjoying so frequently. To get started I stopped off at the market on my way to Bank & Bourbon, in order to pick up some fresh produce.

“With my cherries secure, I found myself driving down the expressway, listening to Pierre Robert on the radio recounting stories of the Live Aid concert which was held at JFK stadium in Philadelphia on July 13, 1985, exactly thirty years prior. While presenting some colorful recollections of the all-day musical event, Pierre mentioned that many concert goers vividly remembered being showered with fire-hoses to combat the sweltering temperatures of the day. Listening to the stories, I thought to myself, ‘Is that not a wonderful metaphor for exactly what I am trying to do with this cocktail, dousing the heat of this libation with the cooling waters of melon?’ It seemed to me that my intent was indeed quite certain, and I determined at that time to name this drink after the historic concert event which its organizer, Bob Geldof, billed as ‘a global jukebox.’” Paul Zuber

Global Jukebox3 large chunks watermelon, about 2” by 2” each

60 ml (2 oz) Cherry-Infused Rum*

22.5 ml (.75 oz) Ancho Reyes

22.5 ml (.75 oz) Cockburn’s LBV port

1 watermelon cube, as garnish

3 brandied cherries, as garnish

Muddle the watermelon chunks in a shaker. Add ice and the remaining ingredients. Shake and double-strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Add the garnishes.

*Cherry-Infused Rum: Combine 1 part stemmed and pitted ripe cherries, .5 part Appleton or other aged rum, and .5 part Cruzan or other lightly aged rum. Let stand in a sealed container for 3 days. Strain into a clean bottle and seal until needed.

gaz sez: It’s interesting to see this Ancho Reyes liqueur cropping up in quite a few recipes I’ve seen recently, and I love the fact that bartenders seem to be laboring hard to use it in well-balanced cocktails. Such is the case with the Global Jukebox. It’s light, not it isn’t, it’s spicy, that’s not right, either, it’s fruity, it’s forthright, it’s hesitant, it’s . . . Oh, you’re just gonna have to try one for yourself. You won’t regret it. Promise

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