Think you look super cutting-edge in your high-tech Google Glass? A few San Francisco bars—and many of their patrons—disagree.

After tech reporter Sarah Slocum was attacked outside of San Francisco punk bar Molotov's for recording bar patrons a couple of weeks ago, some watering holes have taken action, refusing service to those wearing the device.

According to Eater, 5 Point Cafe in Seattle was one of the first places to ban Google Glass, saying that it also doesn't want anyone recording with other gadgets. Since then, more bars in the city have banned the technology, including Capitol Hill's Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge.

Multiple bars in San Francisco have done the same, with Willows (which put up the sign pictured above) and the aforementioned Molotov's leading the ranks, a move that could prove to be largely unpopular with the tech-focused Silicon Valley crew.

Either way, the glasses aren't exactly in high favor of the bar crowd, so if you count yourself among the ranks of this nerd elite, just be sure to keep that in mind—especially when enjoying a night out at a punk bar.

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