pred In no particular order, here are my predictions for the world of Cocktails and Spirits for 2013.

Barrel-aging will continue unabated.  As with beer being aged in ex-bourbon casks, certain spirits will be aged in ex-beer casks to pick up some of the hop character.

More cocktail and food pairing dinners will take place, as bar/restaurants realize the potential of cross-pollination of foodie/cocktail enthusiasts.

The organic, locally sourced, fresh ingredient movement will continue to gain momentum, particularly in the world of edible cocktail garnishes.

Independent distilleries/breweries will continue to explode in growth.  Wineries will have to seek new ways to engage oenophiles.

Beers that are spiced, aged or have a fruit characteristic will be utilized in low-alcohol cocktails.  Of particular note are wheat beers and Belgian ales.

The tap and bottled cocktail movement will end suddenly.  However, carbonated cocktails and those that use custom mixers (bespoke tonics, sodas, etc…) will begin to make their presence known for a few years.

Molecular mixology will be seen as a passing fad.  The average consumer wants something that looks like a cocktail and not like a science experiment.

New regions of world cuisine will be the basis for a movement in the cocktail world; in particular Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.  Be on the lookout for cooking spices, fruits and vegetables that add an ethnic air to cocktails.



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