d9909fab2b0de54125a753d2e32b3ab0 Classic Imports, a subsidiary of Massachusetts-based distributor Martignetti Companies, has added Erdini S.A. de S.V.’s Mezcal Mayalen to its import portfolio. The Mayalen lineup features double-distilled Mezcal Cupreata (48% abv) and Mezcal Guerrero (54% abv), and triple-distilled Mezcal Borrego (49% abv), which is billed as a “meat-based mezcal” infused with lamb breast in its final distillation. Classic Imports will handle the range, which retails at between $42.99-$54.99 a bottle, throughout Massachusetts, New York, Florida and California.

bottle Beach Vodka has partnered with Republic National Distributing Co. to enter the Washington D.C. and Maryland markets. The expansion brings the brand’s reach to four markets, joining Virginia and South Carolina. Produced in Virginia Beach, Beach Vodka is an 80-proof entry filtered using coconut husks.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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