As we head into the holidays, Good Spirits News has some gift giving ideas to share.

For our first day, we suggest saki. These are low in alcohol (about the same as wine) and with a wide variety of styles and flavors. Below, we’ve chosen six to ask for at your local liquor store. A variety pack makes for a great gift!

Fukucho Seaside Sparkling- Fukucho is owned and brewed by Miho Imada. When Miho Imada started brewing there were less than 30 female brewers in the industry. She has carved a path for female brewers in Japan. This sparkling sake is made through secondary fermentation in bottle. There are crisp notes of lemon-lime and apple along with a soft, frothy finish. This sake pairs well with seafood or fruit based deserts.

2.png?w=300&h=170 Bushido Way of the Warrior Sake Can- Bushido is the ancient Japanese warrior code for morals, values, loyalty, and honor until death. This brewery specializes in taking sake from a special occasion to drink to one that you drink everyday. This sake is perfect for concerts, parties, or just on the go. You’ll be able to taste raspberry, Asian pear, and watermelon rind with a hint of white flower and a spicy finish.

3.png?w=300&h=82 Tozai Snow Maiden- This sake is named after the famous Japanese koi fish that lived in the icy waters at the foot of Japan’s Mt. Ontake. This sake bridges the east and the west, it’s easy to drink and approachable for those who may not be as familiar with sake. On your palate you’ll be able to taste a combination of fruit and rice as well as flavors of honeydew, pumpkin, and radish.

4.png?w=300&h=78 Tozai Living Jewel- Tozai Living Jewel represents the colorful and shimmering scales that have earned koi fish the moniker “living jewels.” This sake is incredibly light and easy to drink. On the nose, you’ll have aromas of white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rise. You’ll be able to taste citrus, white pepper, and fresh herbal notes. Pair with grilled lobster or light poultry dishes for a balanced meal.

5.png?w=300&h=102 Konteki Tears of Dawn- Konteki translates to “tears of dawn” while the name of the brewery means “eastern hill.” The story goes that brewery workers watched the sun rise over the mountains until the dew drops glisten as if they were the Tears of Dawn. Konteki uses one of the most well-respected rice farmers in Japan to produce premium quality rice for their sake. While drinking this sake, you’ll get notes of banana, anise, and truffle on the nose and palate. Try pairing this sake with fresh oysters, braised pork ribs, and smoked gouda cheese.

6.png?w=300&h=77Kanbara Bride of the Fox- This sake is inspired by the local legends of the Niigata’s annual fox-bride festival. This is a savory sake that is best paired with duck or black cod. Kanbara’s bold style comes from brewing the sake that is muroka (not charcoal filtered). This sake could technically qualify as a Junmai Daiginjo, but the savory notes and food pairing versatility identify more with the style expected from Junmai Ginjo. You’ll smell intense aromas of grilled nuts with a hint of white chocolate while drinking this sake.

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