Today’s holiday gift suggestion is perfect for gnome lovers, vodka drinkers, and collectors of unusual barware. Meet Felix!

Gnomes or “Tomtar” have a long tradition in Swedish folklore, featured in whimsical tales and traditionally connected to the winter holidays. “Tomtar” were often associated with being the secret protectors or guardians of an estate or farm in Scandinavian literature.

Felix isn’t just a lucky gnome he’s also a good gnome. Like us, although he enjoys the delicious vodka cocktails made with Absolut Elyx (Click here for Elyx cocktail recipes), he knows that the most important drink in the world is water.

Through the partnership between Absolut Elyx and Water For People, every Copper Gnome Gift Set sold will provide access to one week of safe water (140 liters) to someone in need.

The Gift Box includes a Copper Gnome Drinking Vessel, a Copper Straw and an Absolut Elyx Recipe Booklet.

To order a gnome, go to: Elyx Boutique

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