admiral-rodney-hms-princessa-rum-750ml_4.jpg?w=300&h=300 As a rum brand long admired by the most enthusiastic rum professionals, Admiral Rodney has been redesigned and relaunched to showcase the treasures of aged rums hidden in the vaults of Saint Lucia Distillers, and to celebrate the life and achievements of a great naval strategist. Three clever blends with smart packaging make up the initial Admiral Rodney releases known individually by three prominent ship names in Admiral Rodney’s flotilla: HMS Princessa, HMS Royal Oak, and HMS Formidable.

The Admiral Rodney signature flavor profile comes from the robust base rum extracted from lower plates on the Coffey still, where there is less alcohol but more natural flavor and true rum character. These rums are then aged in oak casks and blended.

The Admiral Rodney Princessa is aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Port barrels for 5-9 years.

Note: GSN was not sent the HMS Royal Oak or HMS Formidable rums for review.

Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa Saint Lucia Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Copper.
Nose: Nice balance of barrel and bright rum essence. Some spice, vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon bread.
Taste: More caramel notes in the tasting, with a sweet and candy-like entry. Light, smooth and lightly aged.
Finish: Medium. The lasting impression is a touch of cask.
Overall: A very easy to drink rum that has enough character to keep it interesting. We suggest keeping this for sipping or simple cocktails such as a rum Old-Fashioned, or a Cuba Libre.
GSN Rating: B+

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