images.jpg?w=154&h=30027200.jpg?w=155&h=300 Kevin Mowers launched Bom Bom in early 2016 with the intent of creating something unique, delicious, and versatile. After great effort “Coco Mochanut” received a Gold award from a recent Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) tasting. And rightly so, the Bom Bom line checks everything off the list. “Nilli Vanilli” was rated the best cream liqueur of 2017 by the International Review of Spirits. Ironically, there is no cream at all.

Both flavors offer a variety of sweet summer cocktail options. Bom Bom is also unique in the sense that they market their line as gluten-free and/or vegan. It’s refreshing (pun intended) to see milk-based beverages use alternative ingredients such as almond milk. The recognizable chalky nut taste adds a remarkable texture.

Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli (14% ALC)
Visual: Milky
Nose: Sweet aroma of vanilla with a hint of banana; very reminiscent of the classic childhood snack “Nilla Wafers”.
Taste: Sweet creamy taste with a distinct chalkiness that comes from their unique use of almond milk allowing the drink to remain Vegan-Friendly.
Finish: The slow build of the rum comes afterwards, a slightly molasses taste teases at the end.
Overall: A nice beverage that can be used in many different summer cocktails as a refreshing change to citrus classics.
GSN Rating: B

Bom Bom Coco Mochanut (18% ALC)
Visual: Chocolatey / Milky
Nose: The strong chocolate scent masks the additional coconut and coffee smell, very similar to a coffee shop/bakery.
Taste: Complex mix of coffee and chocolate, with no overwhelming coconut. Served over ice balances the flavors.
Finish: A warm reminder from the rum compliments and completes the sweet creaminess.
Overall: A mix between a fresh brewed mocha java with a kick and the best chocolate Necco Wafer you have ever had.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Drink Bom Bom

Review by Autumn Ellen Rose