bookers_country_ham_bottle__30122.1568999508.jpg?w=225&h=300 Booker’s Batch 2019-03 honors 6th Generation Master Distiller Booker Noe’s love for the art of curing – and tasting! – country hams, a family tradition and pastime that nearly rivaled his love of bourbon. Booker’s grandfather Jim Beam would age ham inside his own backyard smokehouse, which still stands today. Once Booker moved into the house years later, he decided to keep the tradition alive. He would hang 50 country hams from the smokehouse at a time, smoke them for a few days, wrap them up in newspaper and let the curing magic carry on for twelve to eighteen months. Booker was so passionate about his ham that he was known to keep one in the trunk of his car. Once, he even brought it into a fine dining restaurant to show the chef what real Kentucky country ham should taste like.

Just like his namesake bourbon, Booker Noe had high standards for his ham. And he liked to keep things simple – his bourbon neat and his country ham paired only with a cracker or biscuit. So take a note from Booker, and try a slice of country ham alongside a glass of Booker’s Bourbon this fall.

Booker’s Country Ham (124.7 proof)
Visual: Medium dark gold.
Nose: Like a ham glaze, this is sweet and full of caramelization. Very compact and intensely evocative.
Taste: A powerhouse of sweet bourbon that immediately grabs you and shakes your palate with a fiery warmth. Everything is running on all cylinders here, with a nigh near chewiness of milk caramels.
Finish: Long and with a softer fade than expected from the incredibly high proof. A friendly way to end the ride.
Overall: As with all of the Booker’s releases, these are extra special bourbons that will not disappoint. Try some with your next ham dinner and see what you think.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Booker’s Bourbon