honey-whiskey-copy.jpg?w=126&h=300After nine years, Founder Claire Marin’s dream has come full circle, as Catskill Provisions Distillery is one of only a few female-owned and operated distilleries in the U.S. The Catskill Provisions Long Eddy distillery is the first phase of two distillery openings in 2019. The Long Eddy location will be Claire’s space for blending, experimenting and product development while this summer, Catskill Provisions Distillery will open to the public with a tasting room in Callicoon, NY.

Claire founded Catskill Provisions in 2010, turning her beekeeping hobby into an award-winning artisanal fine food and spirits business. Today, Claire and her team of local beekeepers tend to over 300 beehives in New York State.

“When I started Catskill Provisions, my goals were to draw attention to the abundant natural resources of the Catskills region, support the local community, and most of all, promote awareness of the plight of pollinators like the bees,” says Claire, “Spirits was always at the center of my mind as I saw its tremendous potential to benefit local farmers and the surrounding community.”

Just as New York’s farm distilling laws began to offer benefits for farmers using New York grains, Claire became fascinated with the prospect of producing spirits sourced locally and infused with honey for balance. Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey was introduced in 2015, receiving a Chairman’s Trophy and 94 Rating from The Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2017. Others rollouts in the spirits line include NY Pollinator Gin infused with pollinatorfriendly botanicals and NY Pollinator Vodka, both made from non-GMO corn, a crop abundant in upstate.

This past fall, Claire worked closely with a local pig farmer to plant rye wheat on her farm so that this Spring, Catskill Provisions Spirits will truly be grain to glass. In turn, she gives the mash to the farmer as feed for pigs, closing the circle to create a socially responsible and sustainable business model. As well, a percent of all Catskill Provisions sales is donated to environmental causes devoted to saving bees and other pollinators.

Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey (80 proof)
Visual: Hazy dark brown.
Nose: Rich whiskey nose with a warm patina of wildflower honey. A summer’s day captured in a glass.
Taste: An initial sweet entry quickly passes into a broad and friendly whiskey palette. The honey plays in and out of the showcase spirit, and adds a depth and opens up the inherent subtleties of the whiskey. Not dessert-like or cloying in any way, but refreshing and artisanal.
Finish: Medium long with the honey lingering long after like a wonderful candy drop.
Overall: Really, one of the best flavored whiskies out there, and this one happens to be made with local honey. Straight on the rocks or used for an Old-Fashioned (minus the simple syrup), a real pleasure to imbibe.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: NY Honey Rye Whiskey